Who We Are

Janine Weiss, Joanna Alford, Jennifer Bauer, Teresa Parkey and Carmen Austin started Ashtanga Yoga Lewiston in 2009. (Photo by Ruthie Prasil)

In 2009 we came together to create a shared space where we could practice yoga. This became Ashtanga Yoga Lewiston. From left to right we are: Janine Weiss, Joanna Alford, Jennifer Bauer, Teresa Parkey, and Carmen Austin. (Photos by Ruthie Prasil)

JennbioJennifer K. Bauer 208-790-3250

Jennifer Bauer teaches qigong and yoga at Ashtanga Yoga Lewiston. Qigong is an ancient mind-body-spirit practice from China. Like yoga, it utilizes the breath and movement to inspire transformation. It is a gentle practice that can be done by nearly anyone. It has a strong connection to the wisdom of nature and the rhythms of the season. Jennifer is a certified qigong instructor with the Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School in Portland, Ore., where she studies the family lineage of Master Liu He and Dr. Liu Dong. She’s also the editor of the regional arts weekly, Inland 360, and is married with three kids.

JanibioJanine Weiss  208-413-4874
Janine Weiss is Ashtanga Yoga Lewiston’s resident farm girl. She was born and raised on a small farm in Cavendish, Idaho, where she learned a love for the land and the attitude that if you want something, you just do it. An avid distance and trail runner, she began practicing yoga seven years ago to help relieve muscle tightness from running. She fell in love with yoga and has continued to evolve her practice ever since. She and her husband, Ken, live in Asotin, Wash., on a wheat farm where they brought up two sons and are now raising a puppy named Hudson. She is also an avid gardener and landscaper, an amazing cook and loves to create and restore furniture. You will find her most mornings starting her day at the shala.

TbioTeresa Parkey   208-553-4442
After a year of practicing yoga at a gym, Teresa Parkey was introduced to the ashtanga system in 2008. Inspired by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois’ quote, “Do your practice and all is coming,” Teresa fell in love with the transformational journey that continues on and off her mat each day. With wise guidance from teachers including Luke Baugh, David Garrigues, and Shelley Enlow, Teresa continues to explore the ashtanga lineage at workshops and confluences around the country. She counts herself lucky to be a member of the close group of Lewiston ashtangis who pooled their funds and efforts to maintain a space for practice after their original teacher left. That space became Ashtanga Yoga Lewiston where she began sharing her love and dedication to the practice with students in 2014.

JobioJoanna Alford  208-413-4321
I am a licensed Physical Therapist and have been practicing pilates and yoga, beginning in the Iyengar tradition and now Ashtanga for the past 9 years. I am a Pilates mat certified instructor and started yoga teacher training courses in 2012 and look forward to continuing my studies in this field. I started yoga to keep my body fit and healthy and have found through my Ashtanga practice a calming of my mind, less anxiety and stress and improved sleep. I feel more content and comfortable in my own skin making me a better wife, mom and teacher.  I am married with 3 young children.


CbioCarmen Austin  208-791-1041
Carmen has been practicing yoga for over seven years. She has a beautiful practice and is a very understanding and approachable instructor. She teaches with humor and encouragement.  Carmen works for Inland Cellular.  She is married and has two teenage children.  She is from Canada so that makes her extra cool.

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  1. I am hoping to find a Saturday morning class. I don’t see one on your list of times – none of the times listed will work for me. Do any of you hold an unpublicized Saturday class?


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